When someone is getting ready to sell a home, they often do all they can to prepare the home so that they can get a great offer (or offers) on their home and make their move. 

But is the objective to just Sell the home and move? Of course not. Profit is #1.   Let's make sure that you receive the best possible offers and  effectively negotiate a great final sales price and terms.

When you hire an experienced and highly skilled Listing Agent, you will:

1)    be provide superior advice in home preparation, staging, proper disclosure, inspections, and possible “before market” changes that will make them more money and profit.

2)    have a superior and comprehensive marketing program to generate more viewings online and then more showings in person.

3)    have an exceptional pricing plan designed to generate more qualified buyer traffic and stronger/higher offers.

4)    have an agent that aggressively leverages your position and negotiate the best price possible.

5)    use their experience to help you navigate through the offer process … pointing out the offers that have negative issues that will affect the success and closing … and which buyers, agents, and offers will give the greatest results.  

If your goal is to make a successful move, then your success probably begins with more money in your pocket when you leave. I can make that happen.