Did you realize that the impression that you leave with the Listing Agent at an open house may have already affected your chance to have your offer accepted on a home that you love?

WRONG PLACE and TIME to ask certain questions:

Many buyers use the Open House as an opportunity to quiz the Listing Agent about the condition of the home, problem areas that they see, neighborhood concerns, and anything else that comes to mind. As a buyer, you are certainly welcome to ask questions but when and how you ask is extremely important.

Watch Out: If a buyer presents themselves as someone who is overly nervous, picky, critical, or negative, then they are not very likely to be the best option for the seller to work with. This is especially true in a Hot Market where there are several offers to choose from. At the very least, they are more likely to counter you at a higher price in anticipation of having more trouble in the escrow.


All of your questions can and will be addressed at the proper time. I can help you with how the questions are asked and when we can get the information while keeping us in high standing with the seller’s agent. Your goal at the open house is to be upbeat, complimentary about the home and leave a positive impression. If you are working with me, then let the agent know that I will be contacting them and that way they can put the pieces together if they meet other Buyers. The good impression that you leave can be the key to you buying the home that you love and even getting you a better price.

If you have any questions about the process and proper timing for getting the answers you seek, just let me know. I'll be glad to go over the steps with you. Thanks.  

Ted Toffey|
Associate Broker


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