Some Tips to Make You More $$$ 

en someone is getting ready to sell a home, they often do all they can to prepare the home so that they can get a great offer (or offers) on their home and make their move. 

I understand that the goal is PROFIT so there are some basics that make a big difference. 

1. Curb Appeal: We want your home to look great in pictures but also in person. Make sure that the landscaping is trimmed, healthy, colorful, and neat. 

2. Front Door Area: This is a spot that Buyers see before they walk in. New hardware on the door, mailbox, light fixtures make a great difference.  Also a new or fresh coat of paint on the door is great. 

3. First Impression Inside:  When someone steps through the door, what do they see. Light, Bright, Clean, Uncluttered, and De-personalized is great. 

4. Staging: This can be done with your furnishings, the stagers, or a combo. It makes sense to get someone to help the buyers to focus on all the positive features of your home. We want to show your home in a way that generates the broadest appeal to qualified buyers. 

5. Paint:  A fresh coat of paint can really renew a homes look and feel. Avoid plain white and colors like blue, pink, and green. I can help you select a great color. 

6. Kitchen and Baths:  There are lots of possibilities here. Sometimes painting older cabinets is easiest. Wood colors go out of style over time and wear and tear can begin to show. Paint will help all this. Also, new fixtures: lighting, handles, faucets, and flooring can really help. 

7. De-C
lutter:  A good general rule for closets, linen space and drawers is about 70% capacity. It looks better than empty and way better than too full. 

8. Back Yard:  Take a look from inside and out to see what someones going to see. Neat and clean landscaping and patios are important. Check on fences to be sure they are in good condition by staightening leaning posts or renail loose boards. Basically, make the yard look inviting and clean. Its a space people love entertaining. 

There is more to this than these items but its a start. If you are considering selling and need help getting your home ready or choosing what projects will net you the most, just give me a call. I'll be glad to help. 

Ted Toffey|
Associate Broker


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